alcon contact lens solution recall
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Alcon contact lens solution recall breast pump through cigna

Alcon contact lens solution recall

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At this time, hydrogen peroxide solution systems seem to have the best disinfection capability in this arena. What many clinicians do not often realize is that these tests are conducted in vitro.

What happens once you introduce a contact lens? The answer to that question lies not only in looking to our past mistakes, but also continuing to demand safe and effective solutions for our patients now and in the future.

So, which pairings work best for our patients? As mentioned previously, wettability is the biggest obstacle to successful contact lens wear in newer-technology materials.

Researchers in one recent study set out to explore surface wettability of silicone hydrogel materials. Surface modifications of these lenses have helped improve wettability, but at what cost to solution disinfection capabilities?

A study that compared the performance of traditional MPS systems vs. Researchers gathered both clinical and subjective data from patients, and the results imply that Clear Care could provide longer wear times than the other MPS system.

The world of contact lens technology and the accompanying care systems is dynamic and ever changing. Fortunately, that usually means patients and practitioners benefit alike in terms of performance and overall satisfaction. However, with new technology come new precautions, and it may take time to work out the particulars of the reasons behind the necessary care steps.

It is our job as primary eye care providers to stay abreast of recent findings and tests, so we can make clinically sound, evidence-based decisions and recommendations to each and every patient in the exam room chair. Wesley practices in Medina, Minn. Wesley is a consulting lecturer and research investigator for Alcon.

Gromacki S. Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel Lens Care. Available at: www. Accessed March Corneal staining and subjective symptoms with multipurpose solutions as a function of time. Eye Contact Lens. Asymptomatic corneal staining associated with the use of balafilcon silicone hydrogel contact lenses disinfected with a polyaminopropyl biguanide preserved care regimen. Optom Vis Sci. Solution toxicity in soft contact lens daily wear associated with corneal inflammation.

Andrasko G, Ryen K. Corneal staining and comfort observed with traditional and silicone hydrogel lenses and multipurpose solution combinations. Clinical performance of different care systems with silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Cont Lens Anterior Eye.

Efron N. Morgan PB. Soft contact lens care regimens in the UK. June Karpecki P, Schechtman D. Microbial Threats in CL Wear. Zarrella said in the announcement on May The following day, the FDA released a report that backed up Mr. The FDA report, which announced preliminary findings of its inspection of the plant, conducted in cooperation with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said investigators had not found evidence that environmental factors, raw materials or manufacturing processes had contributed to Fusarium contamination.

As those incidents did not require medical treatment, the company was not required to report them to the FDA, the company stated. At press time for this issue of Ocular Surgery News , the latest report on the fungal keratitis outbreak from the CDC, issued on May 12, states that the CDC has received reports of cases of Fusarium keratitis, 15 possible cases and 60 cases that are still under investigation.

The reports come from 33 U. The May 12 statement from CDC contained no breakout of numbers of infections associated with different lens care solutions, but an earlier CDC report on May 9 did. Some patients reported using more than one type of solution. Culture positive Fusarium corneal ulcer in a contact lens wearer showing characteristic hazy white flocculent appearance with fuzzy margins.

According to Dr. Levy, David M. The scenario includes the presence of Fusarium in the environment, patient wear and care practice, evaporation of the solution in open lens cases, lack of cleaning of cases, and the susceptibility of the individual patient. When combined, these factors may increase the risk for Fusarium keratitis in contact lens wearers, Dr.

Levy said. The rare fungal infection, most common in tropical regions and generally associated with corneal trauma by vegetation, had not previously been commonly linked to contact lens wearers, he said.

With proper use, Dr. Levy said that, in topping off, the contact lens wearer does not fully replace the lens care solution in the wells of the contact lens storage case, but rather continues to place the lens in the case after wear without discarding the used solution or cleaning out the case. Although topping off proved to reduce efficacy of the solution, it still did not explain why Fusarium , of all possible pathogens, was surviving the disinfection process, Dr. If the solution is allowed to evaporate in an open case, these polymers can form a film.

We produced concentrations of MoistureLoc to emulate evaporative conditions that would concentrate the polymers in the formula and compared it to our MultiPlus product, which does not have the surfactant package in it that MoistureLoc does.

Levy continued. Taking a step further, investigators tested a polymer film similar to what would remain in a lens storage case after the MoistureLoc solution evaporated. For a contact lens wearer to be infected with Fusarium , there must be an inoculation of some form, Dr. Investigators found that in some cases Fusarium could be cultured from the tips and caps of bottles, as well as storage cases and lenses used by patients who reported infections, he said, indicating that the fungus had made the next step, the leap from the environment to the lens care system.

Once the tip of the bottle and the lens storage case become contaminated through the formation of the polymer film, the lens itself can become contaminated. This would then lend itself to inoculating the cornea with placement of the lens continuously over time, he said. Independent risk factors for fungal corneal infection include overnight contact lens wear, steroid use and trauma, Dr. It appears that a rare combination of factors coming together simultaneously may explain the disproportionate association of MoistureLoc with the Fusarium infections, Dr.

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