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Prasoon mohan cognizant agency

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Ensuring adequate supervision of the disbursement of funds and proper monitoring and accounting for revenue; iii. Advising the Accounting Officers on all financial regulation matters and Treasury Circulars; iv. Maintaining proper accounting records such as books of accounts, Main and Subsidiary Ledgers; v. Ensuring prompt rendition of all Returns e.

Ensuring regular training programme for staff viii. Liaising with the Accountant-General for interpretation of the provisions of Financial Regulations and Treasury Circulars and ix. To ensure prompt issuance of receipts for remittances xi. To ensure prompt report on the sharp practices emanating from collusion among dishonest revenue officers and to discouraged such. Handle Agency publicity requirement for Agency initiatives using various media. Maintain relations with the media to showcase relevant Agency events and activities.

Handles press briefing and conferences. Handle Agency protocol requirements. Produce internal communication newsletters, bulletin boards, fliers, e. Produce and disseminate relevant information, education and communication materials i. Preparation of Annual Budget ii. Monitoring of the implementation of the Annual Budget. Monitoring and Control of Annual Budget vi.

Collation and Distribution of Periodic Statistical Data. Configuration, Installation and Management of Network active devices vii. Responsible for addition, movement and removal of all ICT related equipment viii. Ensuring availability of all ICT related services a. LASG enterprise applications b. Email services c. Cloud services d. Implement procurement policies and procedures for MDAs in line with its overall objectives and strategies. Provides adequate information and communication in respect of bids by conducting where necessary pre-bid conferences.

Ensures the effective and efficient development of bids by sourcing and providing necessary information for this purpose. Reviews, Analyses, Award of contracts within the limits of Authority.

Ensures the time of the development, quality of all bids and organizes communications with bidders. Co-ordinates bid evaluation on goods, works, technical and financial proposals and negotiate with consultants. Initiates emergency procurement. Pre-payment Audit of Payment Vouchers ii. Post Payment Audit of Payment Vouchers iii. Appraisal of Internal Control System iv.

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WebThis command will remove the single build dependency from your project. Instead, it will copy all the configuration files and the transitive dependencies (webpack, Babel, ESLint, . WebThere are 9 professionals named "Prasoon Mohan", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. menardsrebateformtm.comnator - Human Resources at . WebAssociate at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Prasoon Mohan is the Associate at Cognizant Technology Solutions based in India. Get Prasoon Mohans Contact Info.