cummins swaps
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Cummins swaps

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Why would you even want to risk everything for a Cummins swap? For hardcore motorheads, there's a wide array of benefits waiting for you if you're up for the challenge.

As mentioned earlier, the Cummins engine showcases power, dependability, fuel efficiency, and longevity. This is why it is among the most beloved crate engines out there and people would willingly go through with all the trouble of swapping their Ford engine with it. First off, the factory setting of the Cummins provides at least hp and lb-ft of torque that can be further modified to astronomical levels when tuned.

Second, it provides enough power to tow immense trailers. Lastly, its durability can go north of , miles with proper maintenance and without mods. There are some noteworthy tuners who achieved great strides in engine swapping the Cummins to a Ford vehicle over the years.

This part revisits some of their works so you will get an idea of the potentials you can unlock when swapping a Cummins over a Ford. There's a significant number of people already who have swapped the stock engine of their old F-Series trucks with a Cummins.

Most of them would reason out that it is for the power gain and bragging rights. The Cummins engine is significantly more powerful than the stock Ford engine of the old generation F-Series. Combined with your old Ford heavy-duty pickup, you'll be able to tow and haul much more weight with ease.

You may also notice an improvement in fuel economy, as the Cummins engine is very efficient. Plus, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you have a unique truck with seriously impressive power.

As the old saying goes, there's no replacement for displacement. But in the case of the valve Cummins diesel engine that powers Westen Champlin's 'Smokestang' Mustang, there might just be an exception to that rule. Champlin's Mustang is powered by an inline-six Cummins engine, which he sourced from a donor truck.

He then had to do some serious fabrication work in order to make it fit into the engine bay of his Mustang, including custom motor mounts and a set of adapters that allow him to use the new transmission. The end result is a 1,hp beast of a car that can smoke its tires at will and sounds absolutely incredible doing it. We have to say, we're impressed with Champlin's handiwork because he managed to stuff a massive diesel engine into a relatively small space.

The stock engine of the donor Mustang, a Coyote V8, was reportedly scrapped prior, so Champlin decided to go bananas with the car as it had nothing more to lose anyway.

Freightliner trucks are already a relic of the past. These cab trucks were produced by Ford before they were rebranded as Sterling Trucks under Daimler-Benz's acquisition in If you are planning on restoring a Freightliner and you decide to snap a Cummins with it, expect to see an increase in power.

The Cummins engine is known for its high output and reliability, so swapping it into a cab truck should give you a noticeable boost in performance. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this swap, however. First, the Freightliner truck will likely need some modifications to accommodate the larger engine. Secondly, you'll need to make sure that all of the engine's accessories are compatible with the truck.

But if you do your research and plan ahead, an engine swap like this can be a great way to get more power out of your truck as you put it back into running condition. As shown here, a Cummins swap will certainly work wonders for your Ford heavy-duty pickup, cab truck, or muscle car. This will surely elevate their game thanks to the Cummins' extra kick in power, fuel economy, and long life. However, it is important for you to assess your options first by utilizing all the information presented here so you will understand the risks should you ever proceed with it like loss of warranty, a possible run-in with the law, expensive works, ECU faults, and quick wear of the donor vehicle.

Comparison Specifications. With that said, here are the things that you may contend with when doing a Cummins swap: 1. Prepare to Lose Your Warranty Automakers frown at the idea of putting aftermarket mods in their vehicles because it alters their intended design and purpose.

You Quicken the Vehicle's Overall Wear and Tear Ford models today are packing plenty of tech to optimize their performance, fuel economy, safety, comfort, and others.

Unconventional Swap Ideas Why would you even want to risk everything for a Cummins swap? Previous Generations of the Ford F-Series with Cummins There's a significant number of people already who have swapped the stock engine of their old F-Series trucks with a Cummins.

Ford Mustang with Cummins As the old saying goes, there's no replacement for displacement. There are many ways to revive and enhance vehicles like 4-wheel-drive SUVs and trucks.

The process has also become more affordable over time, but what are the concrete benefits of performing a Cummins engine swap? Is it really worth the investment?

Here are some common reasons why people decide to swap for Cummins diesel engines:. Cummins diesel engines can provide significantly more torque than the typical gas engine. As a result, you get faster speeds and more towing strength. Truck owners can easily get immense value from a Cummins swap.

A Cummins diesel engine will turn your vehicle into an unstoppable powerhouse. Diesel engines have proven their ability to outlast standard gasoline engines easily. They have to meet higher design standards because the parts need to facilitate the engine's combustion cycle. Diesel fuel also offers better lubrication than gasoline. When properly maintained, diesel engines can last two times longer than their gas engine counterparts.

Furthermore, a Cummins diesel engine can last up to , miles and sometimes more! It is not uncommon for a diesel engine to outlast the vehicle itself. With a Cummins engine, your vehicle will last for many years and even maintain its value. The average diesel engine offers much better fuel efficiency than standard gas engines. In particular, Cummins engines offer very high fuel economy.

Diesel fuel itself also provides more energy than regular gasoline. As a result, you can save a lot of money in the long run. You will not have to refill your tank as frequently as you would with a gas engine. That money begins to add up over time, especially with the longevity of a Cummins engine. Many people who perform diesel engine conversions are already interested in car modifications and find that Cummins diesel engines are easily modified.

With how often new mod and upgrade options arise, a diesel engine can fulfill the needs of even the most adamant hobbyists. Furthermore, resources for modifying Cummins engines are readily available so that you can perform upgrades at your leisure. With a Cummins conversion, you can build the powerful diesel truck you always wanted. Many unique advantages that come with swapping a Cummins diesel engine into your vehicle, and we can help you with your conversion project. The attractiveness of the Cummins swap is evident as car enthusiasts pursue aftermarket conversion alternatives to repower their trucks.

Automotive aftermarket manufacturers like G Force provide parts for various engine to transmission adapter kits and other components for your swap. These kits always contain an adapter plate and flexplate. Instead of angled like some OEM applications, G Force adapters allow you to position the transmission straight.

Both kits also require a Ford Powerstroke starter. The 6.