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Bluechoice carefirst dentist

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Expand All Collapse All. If your dental bill includes an additional charge for PPE for a visit between the dates of June 1, and October 31, , please contact our customer service department by secure email through My Account, or by calling the number on the back of your member ID card.

Coverage for these emergency virtual encounters is limited to problem-focused evaluations and follow ups only.

This dental telemedicine benefit is available for the duration of the COVID public health emergency. To learn more about your dental telemedicine options, please call your dentist. Please call your dentist to learn more about your dental telemedicine options.

During the COVID pandemic, most people have not been able to see their orthodontist except for emergency or urgent care. But some people may receive a bill even though their appointment was cancelled.

Treatments like braces require multiple visits over many months, even years. At the start of your treatment, many orthodontists work with you to create a payment plan, which may be automated. As a result, you may still be receiving a monthly bill, even though you have not been seen by your orthodontist due to the COVID public health crisis. How does this plan differ from dental insurance? With dental insurance, there is often a limit on the amount of coverage per calendar year.

There is no such limit when using your discount plan; members simply pay the discounted rate at the time of service. In addition, since this is not insurance coverage, there are no insurance claims to file. Can I benefit from this program even if I have dental insurance? Although the Discount Dental program can work well as your only policy, you may also find it valuable if you already have dental insurance.

Many dental insurance programs have a maximum benefit limit set per year. The Discount Dental program provides a nice safety net should you exceed your dollar limit and still require dental work. How much will I save on my dental care?