how to modify backing plate alcon ford rear raptor brakes
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How to modify backing plate alcon ford rear raptor brakes emblemhealth webmail cox

How to modify backing plate alcon ford rear raptor brakes

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Repeat the entire process on the other side of the truck. A front end alignment is required after the installation of this product. Check and re-tighten if needed, all mounting bolts after miles and periodically thereafter. Note the completeness of the kit. No additional components are required. Controlling brake rotor temperatures is the easiest way to improve lap times, by allowing the brake pads and rotors to operate in their optimal temperature range, therefore increasing the frictional coefficient and decreasing stopping distances.

Rotor and pad temperatures greatly affect the braking performance of the vehicle. This Brake Temperature Paint delivers the widest temperature range in one bottle. Simply apply paint evenly to a clean, grease free surface, allowing to dry to touch, and to remove used paint off of surface, use a disposable towel or rag and wipe off remaining paint material.

Brake temperature color code guide on the bottle for quick temperature reference. Checkout My Orders Contact Us. EMAIL: sales alconkits. This brake upgrade kit will really shine when used for extended periods or in excessive abuse situations. The flex of the caliper and slide is eliminated by the rigid mounting which provides a very stable and consistent feel that won't fade away with time or excessive abuse.

The design of the caliper, pad, and rotor combination also dissipates heat much better than anything found today to keep the temperature out of the brake fluid to reduce fluid boil at the caliper and again keep the brakes working better in that extreme situation you will find when using your truck for what it was intended.

This trip was miles of grueling Baja Mexico through every type of terrain you can imagine including MPH runs down some of the remote dirt roads. The Alcon brake kit performed flawless on the trip proving out the durability of the kit and the final step in the testing process making them ready for you to install today. We challenge you to find any other brake upgrade kit for these trucks that have seen the engineering and testing that this kit has had.

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FJ62 Land Cruiser Rear Brakes Part 11

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