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Nuance eti eloquence

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Yes, both bit and bit versions are supported and will be installed automatically depending on your OS. Where can I find the application after installing it?

How does the licensing work? The activation key which you will receive by email after purchasing your license will allow you to activate the software on up to three of your personal computers simultaneously.

The email also contains the instructions explaining how to activate for the first time. Keep it safe since you will need it if you need to activate in the future on a different computer. Your license status will be checked automatically at regular intervals, so be sure to connect your PC to the Internet at least once a month. Follow the process through to the end to receive your confirmation that the deactivation was successful.

You can then activate again on a different computer. Will the license expire? No, the license is permanent, although there will be regular automatic checks of the license, so make sure to connect to the Internet at least once a month.

Do I need an Internet connection? Yes, you need an Internet connection to start your trial period and to activate for the first time. Will new versions of the application work with my current license?

Minor updates will be supported for free by the current license. I own two PCs. Can I use the product on both of them at the same time, without needing to purchase another license?

Yes, you can activate your license on up to three of your personal computers using the activation key which was sent to you when purchasing the software. My friend likes the product and wants to use the product on his PC. Can I use one of my activations to activate the product on his PC, so he can use it?

Is my license transferable to another person? No, the license is individual and cannot be transferred to another person. What is the problem? If you do not connect your PC to the internet for more than a month, then the regular license activation check will not be able to be done and the license will expire. If this occurs, connect your computer to the Internet, open the application and follow the steps to re-activate your license.

I'm selling my PC and buying a new one. Will I need to buy a new license for the new PC? My hard drive crashed and needed to be reformatted. Will I lose my license? No, as long as you re-install the same licensed operating system as before.

All you need to do is reinstall the software and register it again and the previous license will be recovered. My PC was stolen.

Since you could not deactivate the license on the stolen PC, one of your three licenses will still be associated with your old PC. However, you can still use one of the two remaining licenses to activate the product on your new PC.

Do I need to do anything before making this change? As for the Eloquence download, I downloaded the version for Android, and it works beautifully. You can find the URL below.

Eloquence voice in iOS. How impossible is that? An idea that I have been thinking about is the possibility to have the eloquence voice in iOs. I don't know the foreigners' voice preferences, but what makes me prefer eloquence instead of the one that comes with the iPhone, is because it speaks more clearly, faster and pronounces the words correctly, in this case, I am talking about the Brazilian portuguese voice, which is the one I use most of the time.

I have read correct me please if I am wrong , that Apple bought nuance. Since I know, nuance has the rights over eloquence and again, correct me if I am wrong , which in theory, would be possible to include the voice in the iPhone. As many of us have noticed, we have been experiencing some voice lags in iOs 5 due the high quality voices, a lighter voice would solve that, I guess.

What do you think about this idea? Options Log in or register to post comments. Good idea! I would love that. Anything but non-compact Samantha, Samantha just sounds like a smoker under water. Since Apple used the. Since Apple used the Vocalizer voices, they actually added a lot of advantages. Firstly, those voices support a lot more languages than Eloquence does, which may be a part of the reason that they went with those voices. Secondly, I personally find Eloquence very annoying.

Even though it's very efficient, using Eloquence when you have a headache doesn't help your headache. While I like that Eloquence distinguishes between exclamation marks and periods, changing the engine now would be too peculiar. I'm guessing there's an obvious reason for going with the Vocalizer voices, so getting Apple to change their mind is going to take a lot of effort, not to mention some very good comparisons. And again, Vocalizer is a lot more multilingual.

Last time I played with German or Spanish Eloquence which was only a week or so ago, it sounded absolutely horrid when it came to the inflection. So, that's another advantage. The Vocalizer voices actually sound bearable in other languages.

However, the absolute best would be for Apple to incorporate the Ivona voices. Those, to me, are the most superior voices on the market for speech solutions. Nuance is, at best, only slightly better than eloquence. However, the lagtime and speech delay makes this, in my opinion, a very unsatisfactory set of voices. So, Ivona is the way to go. If you've not heard the Ivona voices, go to www. Eloquence is pretty much impossible.

Hi, Eloquence is pretty much impossible for Apple to put into iOS. First, as was mentioned, languages. The current voices sound pretty good for that--I've looked at a few in the settings--and it sounds pretty good. Second, nobody wants a computer-like voice.

Yes, Eloquence is understandable at high speeds. Yes, a lot of people are used to it--in this community, anyway. Yes, it is a small voice-but it inherently sounds very computer-like, much more so than what they have currently. Having an iPHone 4, I don't have access to Siri, but as I've heard a few demonstrations of it, it would ruin the efect of it. Why a replacement? Why is this topic focusing on replacing the current voices? Eloquence, ESpeak, and other computerized voices that is, not the "natural" ones are small and so could be offered as downloads if the user wanted them.

Personally, I would like to see Ivona as well, but I would be quite happy to have Eloquence. If I choose to enable it or download it , then I know what I am doing and so the responses from Siri would not be ruined for me. My question is: why not include Alex on iOS? They own it already, and I believe it supports most of the languages that iOS supports, and it sounds great. Again, all these synthesizers could be optional to download so they don't clutter up your iTouch.

Alex and Such. Hi, I believe the main reason they haven't done anything with Alex is because of the processor. But, with the new faster one in the 4S, maybe ram is the issue.

Maybe they're both an issue. I don't know--but I could certainly tell you that, from a friend who told me, the 3GS lags with the new high-quality voices, so certainly Alex would cause more lag. I'd like to see Alex as well, but as far as I know it isn't currently possible. As far as Eloquence and similar as downloads, that's an interesting idea.

I wonder if Apple might do that. Also, just a random thing, but has Apple bought Nuance? The original poster said they did, but I'm not sure--I never heard that before. I believe that would be best day of apple accessibility if we get that voice available. I'm hopeful since I read its going to be available in Android. You'll all hate me for this, but Apple is going for a more human approach. Notice how much like humans the new high quality voices sound? Eloquence, Espeak and all the other voices sound like robots and would ruin the effect apple is going for.

If it does show up in iOS it's most likely going to be a jb tweak. Once again I'm in the minority, I far prefer the Vocalizer voices to eloquence.

New Apple voices either in. New Apple voices either in english or in foreign languages just suck specially in ios 7. Apple should give us a choice.

Eloquence is easily portable to other platforms, is fast, stable and not everyone is obligated to use it For us, in Brazil, simply there are not other options, we have one voice and this voice is ridiculous. Apple is taking steps backward in terms of accessibility. I do use a mac and IOS and like both, but Apple has to change the game.

Should they keep regretting, other options will pass them in a few months, something I would not like to see but that is becoming the tendence if nothing else will change in a short period. Contacting Apple Directly. Hello Apple Bite, The best thing to do with a suggestion for a new feature is to contact Apple directly.

Apple has a deticated email address for accessibility issues and feature requests. It is Accessibility apple. Vocalizer voices. I am torn on this subject. While I do believe that Eloquence is a stable voice and one that is good for what it does, I also think that Vocalizer voices are pretty good also. Unfortunately, the ones that Apple have given us access to, at least as far as English ones, are the ones on the lower end.

I've heard some of the newer Vocalizer voices, like Oliver, Allison, Ava, etc. Maybe what we should be asking Apple is why we only have access to the worst of their voice choices. A Cool Idea, but Unlikely. If Eloquence came to iOS, I would use it. I am very familiar with the Eloquence voices on JAWS, and although there are much higher quality voices available, I still keep coming back to Eloquence. It's stable, pronounces things the way I expect it to, and I'm just so used to it.

With that said, I think it is quite unlikely we will ever see Eloquence on iOS. While it is being made available for use on Android, and while Nuance is the licenser of Eloquence, I still don't think it is going to happen. While I know I want Eloquence on iOS, and while this forum topic and others like it indicates that I am not completely in the majority, I think the actual number of users who would actually want this is quite low--when compared to the number of VoiceOver users worldwide.

Being someone who would use Eloquence on my device if there was a legal way to do so, this is not a conclusion I want to arrive at. But I'm just trying to be realistic here. Given that Apple has allowed users to download Enhanced Quality voices for multiple dialects in iOS 7, I think the next logical step for iOS 8 would be for Apple to include gender options for VoiceOver voices--similar to how Siri now operates.

If I had to guess, if Apple implemented this feature, they would most likely stick with the current voices now found in VoiceOver, plus the opposite gender options. Yes, I'd certainly use. Yes, I'd certainly use eloquence if it was made available in IOS. It might be robotic, but to me, it's actually the best synth ever, the most clear. It would actually make my iPhone easier to use in my opinion. Less Robotic is Great, But A less-robotic, more natural, or whatever you want to call it Until the inflections are unnatural.

This is where Eloquence is superior, in my opinion. It is robotic, but it is quite expressive. For the masses, Vocalizer is probably more appealing. It certainly is a lot more understandable for people who are not used to text-to-speech.

But, as I said I still would love Eloquence on iOS and would definitely use it. More Voices and Choices. I woudl think newance has the. The fact that Android, with. Eloquence definitely not for me! The thing comes to this:. The thing comes to this: We need options. That makes sense! If nothing else, virtualization or emulation may be an option.

Post edited to reflect proper terminology. Not an option I guess. It works fairly well on mac. It is very much eligal as I. Reality Check. Face it, I struggle with this as well, but I'm not afraid to face reality.

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Nuance eti eloquence The only way to do this, especially considering that NVDA is open source software and that we might thus be considered responsible for the unlegal diffusion of the eci. Comment 10 by jteh on Closing this as wontfix for the reasons given above; i. I have Eloquence on both Android devices I visit web page although CodeFactory refuses to acknowledge or do anything about the fact that Eloquence does not work correctly on my Nuance eti eloquence running Lollipop. I woudl think newance has the. While I do believe that Eloquence is a stable voice and one that is good for what it does, I also think that Vocalizer voices are pretty good also.
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Kaiser permanente south carolina I don't have a hearing problem or a wish eeloquence hear text spoken at extremely fast speeds, which I know would justify wanting Eloquence for some people. Yes, the User Dictionary in our Windows products is compatible with the one in our Android products and can be interchanged. What do you think about this idea? Screen Reader Voices. I own two PCs. New issue.
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Nuance eti eloquence The SDK gives you the right to use the dll from nuance eti eloquence you software. It is very much eligal as I stated as newance is not supporting the voice anyware now and they don't want it to be used anyware but there they say it will be used, plus the risks of crashing the synth are too high for this person who does not like crashing tts engines. I have Eloquence on nuance virtual assistant Android devices I have although CodeFactory refuses to acknowledge or do anything about the fact that Eloquence does not work correctly on my S5 running Lollipop. Does it see more on both bit and bit versions of Windows? All Products The Vocalizer voices actually sound bearable eeloquence other languages. Comment 10 by jteh on Closing this as wontfix for the reasons given above; i.
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