cummins 6.7 delete
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Cummins 6.7 delete maryland health insurance plan carefirst

Cummins 6.7 delete

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This gives you lower running temperatures, improves throttle response, much better fuel economy and increases reliability. Conclusion 6. We hope you found our guide helpful. If you find yourself still having questions, feel free to reach out at sales thedieseldudes.

I had tons of questions and they were answered within hours via email. My tuner and delete kit were shipped fast. I had some install questions and they responded right away. The team at the diesel dudes went above and beyond to make sure my delete process went smoothly.

They even checked in a week later to ask how the truck is running. I'm sending all my diesel friends here! Item added to your cart. Check out Continue shopping. Share Share Link. Below we will review the parts you will need for a complete delete on a 6.

Back to blog. Keep Shopping. Also do you supply the delete tube and other parts needed? I have a Quad cab dually with an 8ft bed. Is there a package for my truck that includes the proper length exhaust for the 8ft bed truck. Also what would be the best tuner. The best tuner by far for the 6. It can also unlock your ecu without another device, and has touch screen with monitoring built in.

As for the egr delete, while it can be just shut off in the tuner and run still installed but closed, it is highly recommend that the entire failure possibilities of the system are just removed.

For the exhaust being so long, and since it is already a really well-flowing system on these trucks, you might just want to do the downpipe and mid-pipe and connect it to your current exhaust. A lot of these parts say not for chassis cab. I agree with this, my truck has been deleted since last year and i found my truck performing way better than before. I purchased the Cummins DPF delete from raceme and i am very happy with it so far. Great info all around! I am going with the RaceMe tuner for my Ram I email them about the EGT option.

Their reply was……. The EGT Sensor is just a cool feature, but it is not necessary at all. So I thought I would ask you for your thoughts. I always have had EGT in my trucks for towing, especially in the mountains. But I also had mostly older 7. I would be interested to hear the reasoning behind not strongly recommending adding a pyro kit, being able to have accurate readings of the exhaust temperature is indeed very helpful, almost necessary in my eyes.

What i was trying to say is that it is not necessary to program truck or to run the RaceMe tuner. Of course is it a good feature. We all know better….. I will be getting the EGT probe kit lol… To me it is the most important parameter to have. I really appreciate your articles. Clean and to the point. Not 33 posts of wow, subscribed, etc. Just facts and information. Oh yes, that makes more sense. Is there any concerns with doing the egr delete, banks intake, exhaust, and race me tuner?

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Skip To: Best Cummins 6. Only for , , , , and trucks. EGR removal kit for EGR Delete for the 6. Comments Will this stuff work on a Sterling ? Hi Justin, The Sterling trucks are the same as the Dodge version, aside from the dealer support network being through Sterling. Because of this, the parts designed for the Dodge will also work on the Sterling version. Thanks, Jimmy. I agree with you! Interested in tuners and DPF delete.

Hey Joe, the main difference is the way the exhaust routes. When doing a delete on a ram is it necessary to delete the throttle valve? Hi Jeff, Great info all around!

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