blythe baxter crying
southwestern washington humane society

Shelter Address Fairground Street S. Find a pet to adopt. However, we will help fi. Your message Please enter a message. We welcome appointments at our no-kill shelter between the hours of 12 pm 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. To better serve parrots in our community, PRH works to increase knowledge of parrots within the community, provide mentoring and training to cope with mqrietta ownership to lessen the.

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Blythe baxter crying

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Elsewhere Derpibooru. Uploaded , July 13, by Anonymous Description: Pinkie Pie meets the pet and they find that they like her more than Blythe.

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Animal chimera cockatrice hydra manticore parasprite phoenix tatzlwurm timber wolf windigo. Misc original species hybrid. So, pets, this is Sweetest Sweetsie.

She's almost as adorable as I am. And that is saying quite a lot. Yeah, I know. Now, I need you pets to do me a major favor and take care of her while I'm at my new job. I just wanna go on record as saying I think this thing will end up being trouble. A lot of trouble.

If by trouble, you mean hours of delighting in her presence Then, yes, [baby talk] I can see how little Sweetest Sweetsie could be Troubley trouble. Yes, you could. Blythe, darling, we'll be only too happy to help you with your dolly.

You pets are the best. Oh, and one thing. She may start fussing. She gets cranky and can get kind of loud if she's not getting the attention she wants. Sort of like a real baby. But it's no big deal. I know you pets will do an awesome job keeping Sweetest Sweetsie happy. Have fun! Like a real baby?

And when you start seeing some gaps in the merchandise, get some clothes from the supply room and fill them in. Got it. That's our store manager. And last but not least, we have Commodore Prettyfin. Blythe: Oh, we've met. You have? Yeah, my friend Youngmee was thinking about adopting him. Are you sure the Commodore is the same guppy?

I'm sure. Let's see. Is there anything I missed? You get an employee discount on anything you buy in the store. No way! Not only that, but you can charge the clothes to a credit account and not have to pay right away. It's a great way to add to your wardrobe while not going broke. This is so cool! Not only can I get a few things for myself, but I can shop for Sue and Youngmee, too! I'll be their vintage clothing personal shopper. Well, just be careful you don't get too carried away.

Oh, I won't. This is perfect! Aw, Sweetest Sweetsie is so cute and sweet. Like a Boticelli angel. I have no idea what I just said. Oh, no! What do we do? Come on, guys. Hold on there, cowboys. Where do you think you're going? Way over there to do stuff that doesn't involve 'fussing'.

Excuse me? Boys, I seem to remember all of us agreeing to take care of Sweetest Sweetsie. Well, when I was a baby hedgehog, curling up into a ball always made me feel better. I've got it. She's hungry! We need to feed her flies! Have her battle a baby cobra? Double no! The solution is obvious.

When puppies are fussy, the momma dog comforts them with a good lick, like so-- [slurp] See? It's so simple. This baby doll is more like a baby monster!

Ah, potatoes, potatoes. Well, kibble is all we have! We'll save you! I like your new hairdo. It's really pretty! I thought I'd try something different! Well, it's about time! As do I. This is not what I signed up for. We're not giving up! Sweetest Sweetsie needs attention and we're going to give it to her. Like what? Uh, how 'bout a Sweetest Sweetsie stare down? Nothing screams 'attention' like seven irritated pets staring at you. Sweetest Sweetsie complicated acrobat routine lob around!

Got a better idea? I love all the stuff you got for me, Blythe, but I think I'm good for a while. Yeah, it's super-sweet of you to get us so much stuff, but I'm good for a while, too, and maybe a while after that. Are you sure? Cause we're getting more donations in today. Blythe, all these clothes must be costing you a small fortune. Aw, no worries.

I get an employee discount. I knew that jacket would look awesome on you, Jasper. Are kids laughing at you much? No more than usual. That thing is driving me bonkers! I, for one, don't think that's very nice.

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Death is the drug that will heal us. At first I thought I was just seeing things until I actually got to my film club. I started to become scared and confused about what was going on that day, but then I proceeded to go to the film club anyway and I sat in the front chair of the whole club. Then the club president announced that there will be a new video that was brought to them from Estonia that had to do with a DVD of a new episode of LPS. Then the president put in the DVD which then the video immediately started.

For some reason it stayed black for 2 minutes before cutting directly to the episode without any commercials or beginning credits. As we are seeing her crying in her bed, it then showed a shadowing coming towards her while we then hear the sound of a teenage girl screaming uncontrollably in reverse.

She then starts groaning and her clothes get ripped as she starts groaning even louder. Back in the film club, there was a man in the back that was crying in the same style as Blythe but this time crying lava which had burned the floor for some reason. I felt like I was crying to throw up, but I continued to watch the episode anyway. It then cuts to a scene of Blythe father Rodger, wearing a suit and looked serious. He had an extremely serious face, which would seem unlikely for him.

I never even said goodbye to my poor daughter. He then eventually got up after 2 minutes of extreme crying in the dark. Then all of a sudden there was a picture that had just flashed on the screen for a split second. The president backed up the video to find that the picture was an image of a hyper-realistic-looking 13 year old girl with her hair mangled on the concrete was her eyes as black holes, her body is completely covered in blood, there is police tape snagged in her hair and body, and she was completely naked with camera flashes.

This caused myself to cry to see the horrible sight of this image. The image that had flashed on the screen that the president re-winded was in-fact Blythe Baxter dead. Then the president started to cry as he continued with the episode. After that it cuts to a scene of the Littlest Pet Shop closed down by the police as police had completely surrounded the whole building. Then it shows a scene with Anna, the owner of the LPS pet shop, standing alone in the shop with a noose around her neck.

It looked like she was about to hang the noose, but as she was bout to let go to choke herself. Anna then started bleeding from her eyes and then she looked directly at us with a worried but surprised expression.

Then her face became deformed as she then screamed loudly before cutting to black as the grain became worse as her screaming became louder 3 minutes. But before it cut to black, it then quickly flashed another photo. His eyes were teared out, and his teeth were broken. After it cut to black, it then showed Blythe dead on the concrete in the same photo from before, but this time it was an actual scene that was in the episode, and it was in reverse.

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