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Arthur and baxter

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In another episode, he is wearing a blue fancy jacket and white long sleeve shirt. In " All Grown Up ," it is revealed that Buster became a teacher. He is most likely a creative writing college professor as he is now Kate's teacher and the fast forward is 20 years into the future.

Buster is the only child of Bitzi and Bo Baxter. His parents are divorced; [9] he lives with his mother in a condominium in central Elwood City. His mother is a "worrywart" who often fears for Buster's well-being throughout his daily life, but in later seasons she has learned to relax more.

They are extremely close and are like best friends. Buster has gone on many travels with his dad, such as in the spin-off series, Postcards from Buster.

His father, besides in Postcards from Buster , has made appearances in a few episodes. He and Buster are also very close, and Buster thoroughly enjoys the few opportunities he has to see his dad.

After getting over his initial theory Harry was an alien, Buster became best friends with Harry, having shared the same interests in sports, aliens, etc. In these three games, he was voiced by Robert Bell before the cartoon show replaced him with Daniel Brochu. Buster is an anthropomorphic white rabbit who wears a long-sleeve cyan polo shirt with pink collar, blue jeans, orange boxer shorts with a UFO design white briefs in the books , and red and white sneakers.

He only wore suspenders on his pants during Buster's Amish Mismatch. In the books, he wears different-colored shirts. He also has buck teeth that are visible when he opens his mouth in the early books, his buck teeth were especially visible with his mouth closed, but the TV series and later books had his buck teeth only visible with his mouth open.

His sleepwear includes a purple button-up pajama top with dark pink dinosaur designs, dark pink pajama bottoms, and aardvark slippers. His swimwear includes blue swimming trunks with periwinkle dots. All Wet ", his mom required him to wear a bathing cap to keep his ears covered, but in many later episodes, Buster no longer wears the bathing cap.

On formal occasions, Buster wears a navy-blue tuxedo jacket. He also sometimes wears a white shirt, red bow tie, matching pants and brown shoes. When he first appeared in Arthur's Eyes in , he had whiskers like a normal rabbit, but the whiskers were removed in Arthur's April Fool in Buster is easygoing, fun-loving, funny and somewhat odd.

He has a strong interest in space aliens, [13] and claims to have seen flying saucers over Elwood City. His easygoing personality often takes its toll on his performance at school: he sometimes has trouble finishing reports, math assignments, and book reports. However, it is usually that the poor performance is due to lack of effort rather than low intelligence. He doesn't have the patience for reading books, unless it's a book he really likes such as the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club Series.

Buster also has a strong love for food, and will eat virtually anything, and thus one of the show's running gags features him out wherever he goes. Some of his eating habits are rather unhealthy, though, with him consuming food while following the "five second rule" [21] or ingesting foods that are beyond expiration. In one episode Buster even claims to have eaten a two year old cupcake and says that the icing was still soft.

His mom often has the job of throwing this food out when it goes really bad. However, he is surprisingly lean. He used to eat a lot when he was young too. Buster also is shown to have poor hygiene.

He sometimes chooses not to wash his hands when he should. He occasionally is very dirty, and doesn't maintain his hair well. In fact, during an outbreak of lice in the school, Buster was the only one unaffected because his hair was simply too dirty to support the vermin.

Although Buster is generally a nice person and a loyal friend, he has been shown to resort to stealing if he sees something he wants but cannot have. Buster will feel guilty about the theft and sometimes worry about being arrested for breaking the law.

In the end, however, Buster returns the item to its owner [24] [15] or otherwise attempts to right his wrong. Whenever something happens with no known explanation, Buster will almost always become completely convinced that he has seen UFO's or comets, or that the cause was aliens. The suggestion is usually put down by his friends, yet Buster will continue to suggest aliens or UFOs or comets whenever something unexplainable happens, and that can occasionally cause him to get anxiety.

Occasionally when something unexplainable happens, another one of the gang will suggest aliens before Buster does. Buster then genuinely believes them until the person points out that the only reason they said it was because they knew Buster would've said it if they hadn't. Buster can sometimes be influenced in a very big way; when Mr. Ratburn's class went on a field trip to an Amish farm Buster became fascinated by their way of life for a short time and even wanted to become Amish himself.

Buster can also be extremely lazy at times, especially when it comes to tests, exams, or homework. As he will just carry on with watching TV and hanging out with his friends before getting started on his work at the last minute.

This was revealed in the episode " Buster Makes the Grade " that he will need to repeat the third grade unless his grades improve. Buster tends to stick with people in his class to be his friends, but he did make friends with Irwin and Sanjeev in Home Sweet Home while they shared a bunk at Camp Meadowcroak.

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Don't have an account? Buster Baxter. He wants his family to call him "Steve" during the show] Hey, Arthur, cool trunk. Arthur Timothy Read I : So you got stuck coming here with your little brother Menu All. Sign In. New Customer?

Create account. Animation Adventure Comedy. Buster Baxter! Actually, all that happened was that a cat that was stuck in a tree wanted to eat the fish that was in B Read all 1.

Actually, all that happened was that a cat that was stuck in a tree wanted to eat the fish that was in Buster's ice cream, so the cat decided to jump onto Buster. At first, Buster tells everyone At first, Buster tells everyone that he was just in the right place at the right time, but then he starts acting like a b Read all. Director Greg Bailey. Top credits Director Greg Bailey. See more at IMDbPro. Photos Add photo. Top cast Edit. Michael Yarmush Arthur Timothy Read voice.

Michael Caloz Dora Winifred Read voice. Bruce Dinsmore David Read voice Ö. Sonja Ball Jane Read voice. Jodie Resther Francine Alice Frensky voice. Melissa Altro Mary Alice Crosswire voice. Patricia Rodriguez Sue Ellen Armstrong voice. Walter Massey Principal Herbert Haney voice.

Joanna Noyes Grandma Thora Read voice. Henderson Grandpa Dave voice Ö. Bronwen Mantel Mrs. Sarah MacGrady voice. Rick Jones Additional Voices voice. Jonathan Koensgen Tommy Tibble voice.

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WebFeb 22, †∑ Buster Baxter is now a school teacher, Francine Frensky runs her own sneaker company, Muffy Crosswire is running for mayor, and Arthur's sister D.W. is a traffic cop. WebThe ARTHUR Web site is produced by WGBH Boston. The ARTHUR television series is produced by WGBH Boston and Oasis Animation, Inc. Funding for the ARTHUR Web . WebArthur Read & Buster Baxter are in hot water right now after they stole a Cyber Toy from Jimís Drugstore in Elwood City!From the Arthur episode, Nerves Of St.