president trumps proposed changes to healthcare
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President trumps proposed changes to healthcare

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In , the Trump administration proposed a rule that hospitals disclose the discounted rates that they agree to accept from insurers for common medical services, as well as prices for patients who pay in cash. These master price lists span hundreds of pages and are hard to decipher. And the requirement might just motivate some providers to lower their prices, if only to compete with neighboring hospitals. Last summer , hospitals said it was too hard to comply with the new rule while they were dealing with the pandemic.

They still managed to continue the appeal of their lawsuit against the measure, which failed in December. The hospitals have asked the Biden administration to revise the requirement. Some of the most commonly advertised drugs cost thousands of dollars. Just before the order took effect, a court blocked it.

Then, last summer, Trump issued a bunch of executive orders aimed at forcing drug price reductions. Millions of Americans , meanwhile, now illegally purchase prescription drugs from abroad because they cannot afford to buy them at home. In Congress, bills allowing prescription drug importation have for years gained bipartisan support , but without the go-ahead from the Department of Health and Human Services, they were nonstarters. Now a number of states are moving ahead with efforts to import drugs from Canada.

Biden said he supported the legalization of importing drugs during his presidential campaign. But the drug lobby will no doubt prove a big obstacle: The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, an industry trade group, filed suit in federal court in November to stop the drug-purchasing initiatives.

The industry has long argued that importation from even Canada would risk American lives. The industry responded with furious pushback , and a court quickly ruled against the measure. Some of these initiatives, such as posting hospital prices, have already taken effect.

But executive orders have limited power; some are stuck in court or require further governmental action to move forward. The Biden administration will have to decide which, if any, to pursue. But Biden may find it difficult to get support for his plans in a Congress that is narrowly controlled by Democrats. In July, Trump said he would issue another order covering those same Medicare drugs, and now his new plan expands on that to include Medicare Part D drugs, or those people buy at pharmacies.

Republicans opposed the bill and Trump threatened to veto it. In theory, the new executive order could have a big impact on expensive medications that many people rely on to manage conditions such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Louis and an expert on drug policy, says Trump would have to skip a number of normal steps in what is usually a months-long process to even approach finalizing the regulations before the November election.

This could open up the administration to additional legal challenges and still would not lead to lower prices immediately. And of course, if it were implemented, the change would only apply to those on Medicare. These voters, many in suburban and rural areas, have felt the squeeze of the pandemic-induced recession and often have complex medical problems. In , one sixth of the electorate had a disability , according to Rutgers University researchers Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse, and roughly one in four voters lived in a household with someone who has a disability.

Nearly half of Americans regularly take prescription drugs, according to the CDC, and a growing number of people have chronic health conditions that require treatment. As the election approaches, figuring out how to appeal to these struggling Americans will be key.

Regardless of the political motive, the issue of health care costs is one that is deeply consequential to millions of households. Write to Abigail Abrams at abigail. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the James S.

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Sep 6, †∑ In a news conference on August 3, President Trump said his health care plan would most likely be released before the end of the month. But August came and went and the . Jun 12, †∑ The Trump Administration proposed a rule in November that would make it harder for states to pay for their share of Medicaid costs. If finalized, the rule could require . Oct 3, †∑ President Trump launched an effort to improve kidney health and treatment in America, giving hope to the over 30 million Americans afflicted with kidney disease. The .