what kind of company is conduent
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What kind of company is conduent conduent north chesterfield va

What kind of company is conduent

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Then we go onto the call room floor. The place isn't very clean, hard to breathe with the smell, dust and germs in the air. Even if someone is sick and contagious no one asks them to go home and if you do you'll get an occurence when they add up you get fired.

Theyll yell at you for "slip time" which is taking too long to log into the computer and pull up the windows and it's your fau Pros Friends. Cons A lot. Customer Service Representative Remote Jul 9, I writing this review because I was fired for things that were completely out of my control.

I Interviewed with this company during the middle of the pandemic and the interview process was fine. I was after that every with south for me. I never knew when my actual start date would be, so that I could give my current employer, at the time, my two weeks notice.

So many different people from HR sent me things to sign or paperwork to take care of, but when I tried to reach out to them, I was left in the dark.

It seemed like no one could give me simple answers that I was looking for. I receive an email from a recruiter telling me that my start date is June 29th. That same week I receive a call from a trainer making sure that I will be able to do training the next week. I told him I could not because I still needed to work my last week at my previous employer.

He apologized because HR has been doing the same thing to other new hires which I think its absolutely rude! I asked him about other training dates and Pros nothing. Cons nothing. Their equipment and software like their core systems, screen sharing is always messing up, and when the software gose out they blame you if you don't manage to get back in the system fast enough then they won't pay you. They will want you to log out because they can only pay you for the time your in core.

They expect you to troubleshoot on your own, flushing the DNS, clear the cache and the safari cache and if that doesn't work they will give you the okay to call IT and still when you call them they take forever to answer you and when you do get lucky to get them on the phone they will get the core system working for a while or a day or 2 until you have problems again. Their systems are horrible and they say you have flexible hours and a balance work life but how is that true, when they have most of your holidays prohibited and the ones that are not they will allow you to take.

At the beginning of hire they tell you that you have PTO time if you choose to take it but they lie about it. What they do is change your schedule with out you knowing any of it and expect you to work the hours and drop your plans you have to fit their needs Before they let me go they had me locked in to a schedule for 2 weeks straight and I was beyond pessd off, because they didn't let me know anything about it until I checked my schedule in Nice.

So I had to work those hours that I didn't want to do, and another thing they want you to read a text book almost in order to find the answer to Pros Hour lunch. Cons Short breaks, management not enough help, stressful. As long as you do what is asked, it is a great full time, set schedule job.

I have worked at Conduent for over 2 years now, back when it was still Xerox. During the transition, a lot of things have changed, but a lot have stayed the same as well. Is it a good job? Is it a well-paying job? Do you feel unique and a part of the team here? I believe all of those answers are yes.

You have a hour work week if you work full-time, and there are options to work 8 hours 5 days a week, and occasionally have the opportunity to work 10 hours 4 days a week depending on what your position is.

The pay is good for a desk job, and with each new promotion the pay goes up a little bit, which does add up after a while. It would be nice if the pay was higher, but because Conduent is contracted and it is not the actual company, it makes sense and I don't fault them for it.

You take phone calls for your shift, assisting customers with any issues that they have and provide resolutions or transfer them to someone that can help. In a typical work week, most calls go well, and a few times the call can be hard to continue, whether it be a difficult issue they are having or the customer is upset.

For the most part the workflow is manageable and can be slightly overwhelming at times, but after working there for a while you get the hang of it. The job is heavily customer-service oriented and you will use your communication skills a Pros Occasional free food, 1 hour lunches, two 15 minute breaks a day. Cons Less pay than what would be expected, but understandable for a contracted company. I was a former employee of this company and the company started an "initiative " what they were doing was if you got a bad review from a customer you were sent home without pay and written up for it.

They eventually got rid of sending people home without pay but I happened several times to employees I knew. Customers sometimes left bad reviews and they didn't always explain why so their was no explanation as to why they got a bad review. Working under these conditions is horrible the desks were falling apart the computers were slow and there is a constant bed bug situation here as well as the main general manager is a horrible woman.

We aren't allowed to bring stuff like water bottles or food into the building it must be placed in the lockers and if we brought a coat we must wear the coat when at our desk or put it in the locker. The company also did not provide locks so either you had to go out and buy a lock or leave your stuff in an unsafe locker and there was no guard to look after the lockers so anyone could steal anything. There was also a major issue of people stealing other peoples food. I had my food stolen 3 different times.

And nothing was done to fix it for myself or others. Also we did have a break room. Your not supposed to bring your phones to your desks for customer privacy reasons which seemed total justified but they started making it so no one could bring their phones into the break room which was no where near a computer or customer information so why would Pros Nothing.

Cons Everything. I wanted to stay with them long term. I had worked for them from January all the way to September. I literally believed around July that I was going to be here for closer to years to help get through college. Rude costumers I can handle, and I love the satisfaction I got from calming down an irate customer and became almost best friends at times with people over the phone. My OM at first was a pretty cool guy, but I'll get to him shortly.

Both my supervisors were strict, and my first one was demoted because of our team's stats and attendance. At first I felt bad for him, but literally with what he kept pushing and what the 2nd supervisor kept pushing eventually caused me to leave Before I was selected to do graveyards which had the pay differential I was looking for, I had killer stats, I met their requirements and tied for 1st in my training team.

Well because my stats showed a little fluctuation mind you it was never poor satisfaction and was either almost at their goal or at their goal , these supervisors kept pushing for scripts for me to read to keep it above passing.. After the demotion of my first supervisor and in came the second, it still suffered. Eventually a quality trainer asked me during my last month of express you could only be there for 2 months tops why my stats haven't improved and finally let me on a li Cons Management, Stat requirements, Supervisor peer pressure for scripting.

The hiring process was complicated and lengthy, leading me to believe and hope I was setting up for a job that might work out well and last some time. This turned out not to be the case. Training classes are either very early, or very late, which does make a more difficult start to the experience.

I will say the training staff is great and the training experience was good, other than the schedule. The very best part of the job is the people you'll meet and work with there. Unfortunately, it is after training that you are thrown into the full reality of the job. A typical day involves mostly stressful calls, with mostly unhappy, rude and impatient customers.

In my brief experience this applies to both customer care and tech support. Tech support is usually more stressful and unpleasant because customers have already been on the phone for some time and are usually extremely impatient.

No matter how much all the provided information and resources provided to us was emphasized during training, I found that way too often it did not provide the answer or technical resolution i needed for the customer. It was a regular occurance to have technical issues which kept me from accessing a particular article or information that I had to hope just might answer the customers question or issue. Too often the step by step information provided that we were supposed to use for technical fixes did not solve the customer's problem.

The business scope of the new company was generally understood to be essentially identical to that of former business services company Affiliated Computer Services ACS , which Xerox had acquired six years earlier in On 6 October , having previously announced its intent to separate into two separate companies, Xerox announced the identity of the new business services company as Conduent.

It described the company's "coined name" as "inspired by the company's expertise in managing transactional relationships between their clients and their constituents". On 3 January , Conduent formally came into existence following its separation from Xerox. He will continue as a member of Conduent's Board of directors. In May , Conduent settled with the United States Department of Labor to resolve allegations of discrimination in hiring during — under the operation of the previous company, Xerox Commercial Solutions.

Conduent provides business services such as medical billing , [16] patient support services, [17] electronic toll collection , [18] Medicaid screening, [19] and prepaid card processing for government benefits such as welfare , Social Security , and food stamps. This United States corporation or company article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American technology services company. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines for companies and organizations.

Please help to demonstrate the notability of the topic by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. If notability cannot be shown, the article is likely to be merged , redirected , or deleted. Traded as. Florham Park, New Jersey. Clifford A.

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