2002 ski doo summit highmark problems
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2002 ski doo summit highmark problems highmark lawsuit

2002 ski doo summit highmark problems

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Goinboardin Well-known member. Premium Member. Nov 15, 1, Laramie, WY. So I was trying to be a good friend and help my buddy replace the top end on his Summit , however, I failed to remove the lower radiator hose:frusty: before pulling the cylinder.

Some coolant spilled into the crankcase, I thought no serious problem, just pull the drain plug, spray with carb cleaner, then rinse several times with oil. Seems to me there is no drain I was wondering what sort of suggestion the Ski Doo guys might have.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and some ridicule is probably in order. Also, the hole reason for the top end rebuild was a torched piston on the PTO side. The exhaust side of the piston melted down to the ring, while the rest of the dome is relatively normal looking a little sooty. The walls of the piston all the way around are scored badly, and the cylinder has sheets of piston stuck to it. He said it ran out of fuel then wouldn't start when refueled locked up at that point.

I'm wondering if it could be as simple as going lean because he ran it out of fuel or if there is likely a different issue like bad crank seal? I told him we should probably pull the motor completely and have someone who has experience with crank work go through the bottom end before we reassemble there could be peices of piston in the crankcase, and I've never assembled a bottom end before, don't want to screw his up.

RKT Well-known member. Jul 19, 1, 1, Preston, Idaho www. Take a shop vac with some small hose and suck the coolant out of the bottom end. Do it sooner rather than later so that the bearings are not basking in liquid..

JustinB Well-known member. Dec 21, 1, I always have syringes in the tool box for this. Or as RK suggested take a shop vake a small tube and go all getto on its a with ducktape it works really well. Also on re assembly buy caged wrist pins it will save you the headache! Sep 10, 46 28 41 meridian ID.

Goinboardin said:. Click to expand Jul 8, 1, 83 NW Ohio www. Summit8 Well-known member Premium Member. Oct 13, 63 28 62 Fairview, MT. Dittos on the shop vac, or, I take and soak all the coolant up with paper towels, spray the bottom end down good with lectra clean or starting fluid, soak that up out of the cases, then soak all the bearings down good with fogging oil while turning the crank over.

All lubed up and ready for reassembly. On the seized piston, yeah don't wanna be running out of fuel while running wide open, loss of lube. Check plug color and piston wash while riding to make sure you're not running too lean under normal operating cond.

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