juniper software defined networking
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Juniper software defined networking

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Contrail offers intelligent networking, increased security, and advanced analytics—all with automation—for multicloud and telco cloud. Extending the breadth of the Junos Space solution, these easy-to-use applications optimize network management for various domains in service provider and enterprise environments.

Junos Space Network Management Platform is a centralized platform for managing and orchestrating network devices and services through a single pane of glass.

The Junos Space SDK enables enterprise and service provider developers to create and deploy innovative applications tailored to fit their specific business needs. Juniper Sky Enterprise provides easy cloud-based management to reduce costs and simplify enterprise networks deploying Juniper switching and security products. Get updates from Juniper. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later.

LOG IN. My Account. Log out. US EN. Try Now. Recommended for you. And people are taking notice. See more Products. Why Juniper? The Feed. SDN and Orchestration. Contact Sales. Try CN2 for free and get a first-hand look at how to solve your most challenging multicloud requirements. Try now. Learn about cloud-native, Kubernetes networking. Watch now. Demand more from your network. See what industry-leading AI and ML can do for you.

Explore now. Back to top. Learn more about Juniper Global Services. Explore options and offers to connect with the networking solution you need. Apply cloud principles to metro networks and achieve sustainable business growth.

Unlock the full power and potential of your network with our open, ecosystem approach. The Juniper Mist Cloud delivers a modern microservices cloud architecture to meet your digital transformation goals for the AI-Driven Enterprise. Apply a Zero Trust framework to your data center network security architecture to protect data and applications. Discover how you can manage security on-premises, in the cloud, and from the cloud with Security Director Cloud. Explore options to quickly connect you with the networking solution you need.

Software-defined wide-area networking SD-WAN is an automated, programmatic approach to managing enterprise network connectivity and circuit costs. It extends software-defined networking SDN into an application that businesses can use to quickly create a smart hybrid WAN.

Traffic is automatically and dynamically forwarded across the most appropriate and efficient WAN path based on network conditions, application traffic security and quality-of-service QoS requirements, and circuit cost.

You can set the routing policies. Businesses are rapidly adopting SD-WAN technology because of its comprehensive financial and operational benefits. Managing the WAN traditionally has been one of the most expensive and rigid aspects of running an enterprise network. SD-WAN eases this burden by proactively responding to real-time network conditions.

It uses programmable network devices that you can modify remotely and through dynamic best-path routing, both of which improve cost, agility, and performance. SD-WAN software running on CPE customer premises equipment monitors the conditions of all public and private-line services and determines how to route each type of application traffic. In this way, the SD-WAN enables automatic load balancing and network congestion management for best performance and least-cost effective routing.

Simply put, an SD-WAN is an automated, programmable wide-area network that dynamically and securely routes traffic based on applications policies, network conditions, or WAN circuit priority. SD-WAN enables local breakout from your various sites, directly to the cloud, which reduces latency and improves application performance.

It also reduces costs by eliminating the need to backhaul traffic to a central location, which was the conventional architecture before SD-WAN.

Its application-aware path selection further reduces circuit and telecom costs because it allows you to use a less expensive broadband link for non-essential traffic. Tunnels such as IPSec add additional, expensive overhead through the use of headers.

This approach consumes precious bandwidth and reduces application performance. Also, application and session visibility are reduced as all application traffic is assigned to a tunnel across, say an MPLS link. Hence, telemetry like latency, jitter, and packet loss is available at the tunnel level only.

For example, you can view the latency, jitter, and packet loss for an individual Microsoft Teams video call. And if the link cannot provide the required SLA, then that individual session is instantly routed to a better performing link. It enables IT administrators to deliver better network experiences to their end users with minimal operational burden on the IT staff.

In this way, complete insight and visibility is provided, from client to cloud. Juniper SD-WAN delivers the insights, anomaly detection, and automated troubleshooting for day 2 operations. Session Smart is a unique approach that focuses on applications and user experiences by operating at a more granular session level. For example, a Zoom call is a session.

Discover the many benefits of SD-WAN and how it is more than enhancing orchestration, operations, and security, but also about enhancing service delivery and improving the quality of user experience. Get updates from Juniper. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. LOG IN.

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SDSN(Software-Defined Secure Network)

WebJuniper Networks Software Defined Networking (SDN) | Home Products SDN Series Juniper Networks Software Defined Networking (SDN) Future . WebSoftware Defined Networking (SDN) Features Supported in this Feature Family: [Collapse All] | [Expand All] Product/Application Introduced Release Prerequisites Computes 4 . WebSep 16,  · Juniper Networks Contrail - Formerly known as JunosV Contrail, the network virtualization and intelligence solution is comprised of all the components .